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Maintenance & Energy Management of Real Estate

The management and maintenance of the buildings is one of the many responsibilities of the real estate manager. The state of the maintenance of the buildings (inspection), a multi-year planning, budgeting, the contracts and monitoring of the execution are essential aspects that require a lot of time.
In addition to maintenance the energy management is playing an important role.

STEP Engineering is specialized in maintenance and energy management of buildings.

Energy management; From energy saving up to energy neutral buildings
The energy management of buildings has two sides, on the one hand there is the desire to save energy and on the other hand, the generation of sustainable energy to achieve energy neutral buildings.

Energy saving
With respect to energy saving, we examine the shell of buildings for energy leaks. Thermal imaging is used to identify thermal bridges and heat leaks. This enables us to calculate the energy loss. We advise on how the energy loss can be decreased and review the use of the technical equipment of the building in relation to the user.
All these actions, in combination with general improvement of the isolation, can result in a significant saving of energy costs.
In addition STEP Engineering has also experience with, for example, day light controlled lighting and recycling of used water.

> Generation of renewable energy, on the way to an energy-neutral building
The ultimate goal is an energy-neutral building, or 'zero on the meter' for the use of gas and electricity.
Together with your imput and our knowledge and experience, STEP Engineering advises you on the use of solar panels, thermal storage, heat pumps, wind parts etc.

Sustainability: BREEAM
BREEAM is the tool to fully measure and assess the sustainability of new and existing buildings.
STEP Engineering has experience in managing the process that results in the sustainability certification under BREEAM.

Multi-year maintenance plans
STEP Engineering can manage all maintenance related activities.
Starting with an inspection, we realize multi-annual budgets. Herewith we set up a multi-year planning. Together we evaluate the planning and prioritize the budget in relation to the needs. Corrective, preventive and overdue maintenance are taken into account.
Because in general the budgets are restricted, we have specialized in extending maintenance cycles by using the right materials and take action on the right place and time.

Guidance of the outsourcing of the work
Through our broad knowledge of the market we can offer good contracts for outsourcing the work to external suppliers, both by linking multiple applications and on the other hand, by choosing the most suitable providers based on quality and price.

STEP Engineering coordinates and supervises the tendering process, manages the project  and  supervises the execution of the work. STEP Engineering makes sure that the agreed quality standards are met. 


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About STEP Engineering

STEP Engineering is an innovative company in the field of engineering, project and construction management and maintenance. From its foundation in 2008, STEP Engineering has performed for many clients, a lot of appealing assignments and projects.


STEP Engineering BV
Thursday, 15 March 2018 17:16
Heb jij een passie voor het tekenen en 3D modelleren van mooie gebouwen?  Word je  van fraaie duurzame houtconstructies nog enthousiaster?   Lees dan snel verder en kijk of deze vacature interessant is voor jou!
STEP Engineering BV
Tuesday, 19 December 2017 14:47
Eind november hebben wij de engineering aan onze opdrachtgever #Houtkonstruktie Friesland opgeleverd. Vandaag, 3 weken later, wordt door hen de laatste hand aan het casco gelegd. De derde verdieping, met 15 appartementen, staat er op. Zo snel én goed kun je dus tegenwoordig ontwerpen, engineren en bouwen. Een geweldige prestatie van alle betrokkenen! #TEK, #Kingspan, #pdb design
STEP Engineering BV
Monday, 27 November 2017 15:49
Van voormalig Martini hotel naar appartementen voor studenten. STEP Engineering heeft  de optopping met een vierde bouwlaag gemodelleerd in TEK. Een  mooi project in opdracht van #Houtkonstruktie Friesland. #TEK, #Kingspan
STEP Engineering BV
Friday, 22 September 2017 16:16
Heb jij een passie voor het ontwerpen en berekenen van mooie constructies ?  Word je van fraaie duurzame houtconstructies nog enthousiaster?   Lees dan snel verder en kijk of deze vacature interessant is voor jou!
STEP Engineering BV
Tuesday, 27 June 2017 18:04
Lees het artikel over STEP Engineering in het Houtblad van deze maand: https://lnkd.in/gN2deRD