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About us

our foot STEP´s: STEP Engineering focuses on the process industry and building development, provides services in the field of engineering Building & Civil, Piping & Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Process Automation. The project- and construction management cares for the safety, quality, cost control and planning.

STEP together: As strong believers in longterm cooperation, we provides services with adequate added value and strive to realize a lasting relationship with our customers.

the next STEP: In order to grow our company and expand the expertise of our employees, we are always looking for challenging new projects and assignments.

a STEP aside: We distinguish ourselves by thinking along with our customers within and outside our area of expertise.

STEP by STEP: STEP Engineering manages the project, from inquiry up to completion. Our team of high qualified project and construction managers, consultants and engineers strives to excel and deliver excellent end-results.


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About STEP Engineering

STEP Engineering is an innovative company in the field of engineering, project and construction management and maintenance. From its foundation in 2008, STEP Engineering has performed for many clients, a lot of appealing assignments and projects.